Amateur radio contests

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Contest period: Bands: m, 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m, 10m. Number of band changes is not limited for all categories.

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Any 5 year improvement is available now Technology is in use Implementing to contesting takes time Recognising the unused Developing the existing Keeping the good Changing the inefficient. Better weather resistance - research projects Phasing vs. Development towards cleaner transmitter output DSP for transmit audio equalisation DSP for transmitter efficiency with linearisation.

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Forthcoming contests operations are included in the tables linked-to below. Note however, this is archival data and is not, as a rule, updated. The older the record, the more likely it is that QSL routes, contact information, and links to Web pages will no longer be accurate. For operations in the forthcoming smaller contests for which I don't create dedicated tables and for operations that are not contest oriented, check the Announced DX Operations ADXO table.

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Thank you for your website and great content. I do have a question, though. How do newbies know this kind of thing?

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This guide shall equip you with the requisite knowledge you need to participate in ham radio contests with skill and confidence. After learning the different types of contests, how they work and their rules, the software and hardware to use, you will start building up your QSO count and adding interesting DX contacts to your list of contacts. Take action today and discover Ham Radio Contest techniques that will help you become a better Amateur Radio Operator.

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Join our Discord server and see who is spotting in the qsos-and-contesting channel. To introduce young amateur radio operators to radiosport and encourage young amateurs to get on the air. To encourage old timers to contact as many young operators as possible.

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People compete. It is fun, personally satisfying, character building and occasionally remunerative. Competition in business, games and sports is excellent training for life and beats the heck out of wars and "reality" television. The pansies who would deny children the right to compete are wrong.

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Exchange 1. Exchange RST and the number of years you have been licenced or for clubs, the longest serving ham at the start of the contest. Teams 1.

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Contests and contesting add a further dimension to amateur radio operating, proving new challenges and interest to the hobby. Some radio hams even run their calendar by when the contests occur. Amateur radio contests come in many forms and take place on many frequencies. The contests may also have different aims.


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