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You see it in movies all the time. Some guy gets hit right in the privates. If you're a boy, you probably already know your penis and scrotum are sensitive.

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Just because vaginas get gynecologists and annual exams and all that jazz doesn't mean you can just forget about your penis health. In fact, there are a lot of problems that can arise if you don't look after your penis properly. So to find out more about how to keep your penis as healthy as possible, BuzzFeed Health spoke with two board-certified urologists: Dr.

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But one thing you probably didn't know was that your penis can actually shrink as the years pass by. And getting older is also accompanied by muscle atrophy and a decline in testosterone - both of which can be associated with a slight decline in penis size. Harvard Medical School experts say you've got to "use it or lose it".

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Even worse, this damage can cause a deformity that makes further sexual activity difficult or even impossible. Researchers believe the incidences of Peyronie's disease are underreported because of embarrassment and lack of awareness. Other penis traumas you may have heard of, such as zipper injuries and athletic injuries, are far less common.

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Skip to Content. Use the menu to see other pages. Although risk factors often influence the development of cancer, most do not directly cause cancer.

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I have lots of little bumps almost like goosebumps or whiteheads on my penis. Is this a sign that something is wrong? These are common and they're nothing to worry about.

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Memorialized in monuments, Grecian statues and bathroom graffiti everywhere, the penis may be the most famous and well-studied human organ on the planet. But despite its outsized profile in the popular imagination, the male member still has a few secrets left to reveal. From penis spines to the ideal size and even penis shame, here are eight wild facts about the male sex organ.

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The causes of CD bearing on the penis are sexual or autoerotic actions. Here we present two cases of successful removal of a metal device from a penis that was associated with trauma grade II according to Bhat et al. The techniques used are also described. In both cases the essential features of successful device removal were its motionless fixation by nippers or vice combined with placing a metal plate under the constricting ring.

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When most people think about penis health, they think about sexually transmitted infections STIs and erectile dysfunction ED. While these conditions can certainly affect the health of your penis, penile health is about so much more than that. There are many different things that can affect the health of your penis, including your hygiene practices, lifestyle changes, and any underlying health conditions.

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Penis health involves more than erections. Find out the most common penis problems and strategies to promote penis health. Penis health is an important part of your health — and it goes beyond your ability to get and keep an erection, ejaculate, and reproduce. Penis problems can be a sign of an underlying health condition.


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