Stage three tears after vaginal delivery

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At the very end of your labour the skin and muscles around your vagina thin and stretch to allow your baby to be born. It is quite common for women to have some form of perineal or vaginal tearing. Third and fourth degree tears are an uncommon complication of childbirth that may affect your bowel, bladder and sexual function for varying amounts of time.

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An episiotomy is a surgical cut made in the perineum during childbirth. The perineum is the muscular area between the vagina and the anus. Your doctor may make an incision in this area to enlarge your vaginal opening before you deliver your baby.

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The female perineum is the diamond-shaped inferior outlet of the pelvis, bordered by the pubic symphysis anteriorly and the coccyx posteriorly. Posterior perineal trauma can affect the posterior vaginal wall, perineal muscle, perineal body, external and internal anal sphincters, and anal canal. During labour, the majority of perineal tears occur along the posterior vaginal wall, extending towards the anus.

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Vaginal tears during childbirth, also called perineal lacerations or tears, occur when the baby's head is coming through the vaginal opening and is either too large for the vagina to stretch around or the head is a normal size but the vagina doesn't stretch easily. These kinds of tears are relatively common. Tears that involve only the skin around the vagina typically heal on their own within a few weeks.

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It may be stating the obvious, but a vaginal delivery requires your vagina to stretch. Everyone who delivers vaginally and sometimes those who have a lengthy labor before delivering via C-section can expect some perineal postpartum pain. As many as half of all women will have at least a small tear after childbirth.

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Childbirth is a beautiful thing, although sometimes it can result in a few ongoing issues, especially for the mum and one of those can be perineal tearing. At the very end of your labour the skin and muscle layers in and around your vagina thin and stretch to allow your baby to be born and it is quite common for women to have some form of perineal or vaginal tearing at this time. Midwives and doctors have developed a system of describing the types of tears according to the size of the tear and type of tissue involved; from a 1st degree tear to a 4th degree tear.

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One of the most common surgical procedures for an obstetrician is primary repair of a perineal laceration, whether spontaneous or after episiotomy. Although anal sphincter injury is not common, with an incidence of 0. If not identified your patient may suffer from flatal or fecal incontinence and is at an increased risk of infection.

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Our aim was to describe the range of perineal trauma in women with a singleton vaginal birth and estimate the effect of maternal and obstetric characteristics on the incidence of perineal tears. We conducted a prospective observational study on all women with a planned singleton vaginal delivery between May and September in one obstetric unit, three freestanding midwifery-led units and home settings in South East England. Data on maternal and obstetric characteristics were collected prospectively and analysed using univariable and multivariable logistic regression. The outcome measures were incidence of perineal trauma, type of perineal trauma and whether it was sutured or not.

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Second-degree tears involve the skin and muscle of the perineum and might extend deep into the vagina. Second-degree tears typically require stitches and heal within a few weeks. Mayo Clinic does not endorse companies or products.

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This study aimed to investigate the reproductive impact of a third- or fourth-degree tear in primigravid women. Primigravid women with a vaginal birth in Scotland from until were included. Exposure was third- or fourth-degree tear in the first pregnancy. The second pregnancy rate, interpregnancy interval and third- or fourth-degree tear in a second pregnancy were the primary outcomes.


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