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Animals are known for having unique and interesting designs on their bodies that are just pure coincidence. There's no way that we know of to influence the specific markings on dogs, cats, birds or any other animal; which is why they're always fascinating when they happen. While loads of people will think there's nothing wrong, there will be tons more who will recognise that Daisy has a phallic looking imprint on it's face.

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Customer Service for Subscribers. From the cat clitoris to the cat penis, we demystify everything you want to know but might be afraid to ask! So here are some of the things I learned about cat genitalia:.

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Maybe it has whiskers. So, okay, I guess part of me thought it was possible my darling cat had been castrated and made into a eunuch. Lately, one his favorite pastimes has been kneading the comforter on the bed which involves making little fists with his claws out over and over again, for all you catless folks.

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Daisy the Ragdoll cat has been searching for a forever home in Sydney for quite some time, but folks are hesitant to take her in on account of the penis-shaped patch of fur between her eyes. Which seems a bit extreme, given the adorable kitty is just the same as any other cat once you look past the … you know. Anyone remember that scene in Austin Powers with the mole?

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An adorable Ragdoll cat named Daisy has gotten some attention online this week because she has a marking on her face that looks like a penis. The owner's family contacted the rescue group to ask if it could take the pair in. The spokesperson said that when the two cats were taken to the vet to get checked out, they noticed Daisy's interesting forehead.

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By Hannah Sparks. September 3, pm Updated September 3, pm. Take Daisy, a 9-year-old Ragdoll cat from Sydney, Australia.

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Published: September 5, Daisy is a nine-year-old Ragdoll with an unusual penis-shaped marking on her face. Daisy, a nine-year-old Ragdoll cat with a light brown tuft of fur that resembles a penis on her face, is in need of a new abode after an elderly owner recently died.

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It isn't always easy to tell a male cat from a female cat, and it can be even more difficult to sex a kitten or a neutered male. There are, however, telltale signs and behaviors that can make it easier to determine a cat's sex. Once a cat or kitten has been successfully sexed, unless the owner is a cat breeder, it's important to find a good vet who can spay or neuter this pet. For those adopting a kitten, chances are the new pet is only a few weeks old.

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A cat with penis-shaped markings on its face is looking for a new home. But the nine-year-old Ragdoll might have a hard time getting adopted by a new owner, as the fur on her face resembles male genitalia. Daisy's fur is mostly grey, but the middle of her nose up to her forehead is light brown.

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Every physical characteristic your cat has contributes to survival. The barbs on a male cat's penis are no exception. They help ensure that his genes are passed on through successful mating. He was not born with them, and if he was neutered very young he may never even develop them.


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